A purple and pink graphic reading “ml5.js Code of Conduct: Call for Comment”
A purple and pink graphic reading “ml5.js Code of Conduct: Call for Comment”
ml5.js Code of Conduct: Call for Comment

Today we are asking for your help to make ml5.js even better.

We are always looking for ways to help ml5.js live up to its goal of being a neighborly approach to creating and exploring artificial intelligence in the browser. We have been working on a new way to do that and are excited to share it with you for feedback! We are proposing a way to link our Code of Conduct with the software license to make ml5 even more friendly. There is information about how to send us feedback at the bottom of this post.

ml5.js helps artists…

Every few months we want to highlight creative projects from people in our community—that means you! If you have a project you’d like to submit to the round-up, submit it through this form. This month we’re featuring work from Yining Shi’s Machine Learning for the Web class.

Machine Learning for the Web is a 14-week class at ITP/NYU with a focus on building creative and interactive projects in the browser with machine learning techniques. Tools like Teachable Machine, RunwayML, ml5.js and TensorFlow.js are really making the creating process easy and beginner friendly. I’m so happy and proud to see so…

The ml5.js team is so excited to announce some new changes to the project.

We have a new release! 🎉

Written by Itay Niv. Edited by Ashley Jane Lewis.

Using ml5 SketchRNN as a homage to endpapers in bookbinding tradition

The Heart of Reading Together

In a society full of screens as potential social inhibitors, the work of ITP student Itay Niv has been a whimsical breathe of fresh air, blowing the cobwebs off of a timeless idea — tech that brings loved ones together. His thesis project, Let’s Read a Story, emerged in the third semester of his masters degree and the third trimester of his wife’s pregnancy as a concept that would open up new modes of storytelling with his future child. …

In conversation with ITP SIRs Nikita Huggins & Ayodamola Okunseinde

In 2019 the conversational pairing of diversity and machine learning largely results in rediscoveries of biased societal patterns but the subject matter offers much more nuance to be explored. This redundant rhetoric needs more heart, more compassion and, before all else, more creative applications that nudge us to be self-reflective as a united community and empower underprivileged voices. As a creative technologist and woman of colour, I look to the work of black speculative designers who are leading these innovative conversations. …

In Conversation with ITP SIR Stefania Druga

At ITP, the list of career goals is long, ambitious and, some might also argue, lofty. Being a Lego Fellow would be cool, incubating a project at the MIT Media Lab would be a dream, contributing to the world of tech ed would be meaningful, etc. Few of us live to check all of those off the list! This, alongside a passionate drive to make the world a more accessible place, is what makes Stefania Druga such an impressive and vital voice in the field of innovative tech. You may recognize Stefania from her TEDx on creative making for social…

Originally published at itp.nyu.edu on June 11, 2018.

By Daniel Shiffman and ml5.js collaborators
Animated comic by Elizabeth Ferguson

Daniel Shiffman is an Associate Arts Professor at ITP. ml5.js is the product of contributions from students, research residents, faculty and alumni from the NYU ITP community, as well as a friendly cohort of other collaborators. Past and present contributors include Hannah Davis, Nikita Huggins, Hayley Hwang, Lisa Jamhoury, Darius Kazemi, Stephanie Koltun, Andrew Lee, Alejandro Matamala, Aidan Nelson, Dan Oved, Yining Shi and Cristóbal Valenzuela.

Technology is not enough.

Consider the technology as a tool which, in itself, could do nothing.

Treat the technology as something that everyone on the team…


Friendly Machine Learning for the Web. ml5.js aims to make machine learning approachable for a broad audience of artists, creative coders, and students.

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